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<b>Local Stimulation Programs</b>
<b>Healy’s Local Stimulation programs</b> are very fine suited for emergency local pain relief. Either you are just worried about bad emotions in the body, or already clearly at the location of the ache – back, mouth, joints, head. Other part of the local stimulation programs is designed at eliminating insomnia, relieving psychological stress and normalizing the general state of the psyche.
- <b>Energetic</b> curing for general malaise
- <b>Energy</b> healing for back and spine pain
- <b>Energetic</b> healing for oral discomfort
- <b>Energy</b> therapy for joint discomfort
- <b>Energetic</b> treatment for head and neck discomfort
- <b>Energetic</b> curing for insomnia
- <b>Energy</b> treatment to balance the psychic system
- <b>Energy</b> healing to eliminate psychological overstrain

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